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Instagram Hashtag Analytics Research #2: #TravelAgent

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Travel picture - donkeys on a mountain - Simon Matzinger/Unsplash - SmarketryBlog.com

Not long ago, I shared the post on WordStream’s industry report for 2018. It was a fascinating look into Google advertising stats across 16 industries. It was a valuable read, especially for those in the dating and relationships sector who are on a hot streak. (like the Math guy who hacked OKCupid to find his girlfriend)

It got me thinking about Instagram and which of those industry markers were represented. Here I go again, a little voice said to me. Why is this such a “thing” for me? Honestly, I’m not sure but I am of the mind that Instagram is untapped in so many ways. And while I may never have the kind of data access that some other outfits have (yet!), I think the first step to helping me to understand more about the platform,  is figuring out more about engagements and if were there any patterns I could discern.

With me so far? Let’s take a look, shall we? Continue reading