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Smarketry Blog - S/M/A/R/T Marketing Chemistry - A Twitticus Marketing publication

Smarketry Blog, a Twitticus Marketing publication is a blog dedicated to helping small businesses understand how to leverage analytics, digital advertising and content to create relevant content that compels their targeted markets.  Taking steps to own their data helps small/micro businesses to gain analytical insight that can help them create their own inbound digital marketing engine.

This blog was founded by Dianne Dixon, a former strategic marketing analyst for a major US retail giant, who is a GAIQ (Google Analytics), Google AdWords(Display & Search) and Content Marketing (HubSpot) certified professional who helps businesses analyze their data. She’s also an independent fiction author as well as an online seller who coaches clients about how to use Google PPC advertising, web analytics and content creation best practices to their advantage.

SMARKetry Blog is a Twitticus Marketing Publication - @TwitticusMktg





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