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Confused by Google Analytics? No Problem! Start Here

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Confused, Overwhelmed by Google Analytics? No Problem! Here's where you start -

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Google Analytics is NOT the easiest tool to use. And this is from someone whose holds a GAIQ!

There were plenty of times when I used it over the years before I got certified and this was my ritual: Confident that I could figure it out because I had figured out plenty of apps before, went in, mumbled a few curses, exhaled sharply, threw my hands up, walked away and came back even more confused than before.

Like you, I’ve been overwhelmed and confused by GA because it’s not intuitive and does require some guidance to get the basics down and done. But don’t worry, I’ll help you use it anyway. Here’s where you start:
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Remember These 8 Basics When Running an AdWords Campaign

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The fact that there is no rule book when it comes to running a Google AdWords Campaign is both good and challenging. Challenging because much of the advice out there are often based on one user’s experience and may or may not apply to you. That’s good because you have a lot of things to try out and figure out. There isn’t one size that fits that e-commerce site or that blog or that author site. But at least you’re not working from scratch.

In all cases there are some fundamentals to consider in all cases: Continue reading