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My Instagram Hashtag Analytics Experiment Takes A New Direction

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My hashtag analytics experimentation has been enlightening. I’ve learned more about the Instagram landscape and just how underutilized it is across a variety of sectors. I don’t pretend to know all about it but I’m always learning about how much I don’t know.

As a result of this, I’ve come up with a newer, more concise direction and it’s thanks to an article I read a few weeks ago. Continue reading

How to Know Which Social Media Hashtags to Use

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How I feel right now since I found out which #hashtags I should use on #socialmedia -

Whatever hashtags I’ve used so far have been through trial, error, research, and throwing spaghetti against the wall.

I have always wanted to know if there was some way to figure out which hashtags were good, bad or otherwise. I had heard about “shadowbanning” on Instagram but it’s not as if I had someone yelling at me, saying, “Don’t use that hashtag or it’ll happen to you.”

Well, all I have to say now is ‘Eureka! I’ve found the app for that!” Continue reading

Instagram Hashtag Analytics Research #3: #RealEstate

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Continuing from my last stab at hashtag analysis, #TravelAgent, I decided to take a look at the real estate sector. I used #RealEstate because the sector itself is diverse. It’s not just about realtors but about complementary businesses such as architectural firms, construction and others.

Real estate is one of those evergreen sectors with intense competition. People will always need a place to live and you can’t walk too far without seeing or hearing the name of an agent who handled the house of the friend of a friend. It’s a sector where word of mouth weighs heavily but there are new ways to be more visible. So, how can professionals in the sector really use Instagram to help the to do just that?


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Instagram Hashtag Analytics Research #2: #TravelAgent

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Travel picture - donkeys on a mountain - Simon Matzinger/Unsplash -

Not long ago, I shared the post on WordStream’s industry report for 2018. It was a fascinating look into Google advertising stats across 16 industries. It was a valuable read, especially for those in the dating and relationships sector who are on a hot streak. (like the Math guy who hacked OKCupid to find his girlfriend)

It got me thinking about Instagram and which of those industry markers were represented. Here I go again, a little voice said to me. Why is this such a “thing” for me? Honestly, I’m not sure but I am of the mind that Instagram is untapped in so many ways. And while I may never have the kind of data access that some other outfits have (yet!), I think the first step to helping me to understand more about the platform,  is figuring out more about engagements and if were there any patterns I could discern.

With me so far? Let’s take a look, shall we? Continue reading

Quick, Simple Instagram Hashtag Analytics Research: What I Found

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I’d been hearing about these DataStudio Community Connectors that can give marketers a way to transfer their Facebook Ads, Insights, Twitter, Amazon, even Instagram data engines. I’m fascinated by the concept of being able to analyze public social media data and decided to check out one of them to see how they would help me visualize Instagram data in DataStudio. It’s still a work in progress but I thought I’d try out a quick hashtag query (or seven or eight) and see what I could see. I have to say I’m both excited and a little disappointed, though. Continue reading