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Analytics Tip: Find & Fix Your 404 pages

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I was checking one of my project dashboards and was surprised to see that I had over 60 sessions where 404 pages came up. For those of you not familiar with that term, that’s when someone clicks on a link and the page isn’t found. These pages more than likely popped up during a paid campaign, which translates into lost conversions and money wasted.

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Quick & Easy Way to Create Simple Ad Headline, Cheat!

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Placeholder ImageWhen you’re a writer, sometimes it’s like  a hot knife through butter or even that perfect cup of coffee. The words just flow so smoothly. Other times it’s like trying to break a diamond with your teeth. You wind up in pain, gumming your food wondering if it was all worth it. Sometimes, the words just aren’t there. When you’ve got an ad to write, what the hell do you do?

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