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Before anything resembling content marketing came into my life, I was an entrepreneurial 10-year-old running an unsanctioned, but lucrative, business selling cinnamon toothpicks for 25 cents a pop. My profit run halted when the Vice Principal’s called me to her office.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I got addicted to the whole internet marketing cycle of information and my “dealer” was a guy named Corey Rudl. Back then, the term ‘content marketing’ didn’t exist yet but I knew I needed to learn more about how to persuade people through advertising on the internet.

Fast forward to 2016.  I decided to dive into marketing and build up my content writing skills in addition to my creative writing skills. Having worked in marketing and advertising as a professional and as a freelancer, my desire to understand more about all of it was stronger than ever.

I don’t remember how I found Coursera but the minute I did, my plan to learn content marketing took shape. Not only were the courses meaty and practical, the ‘free’ price tag couldn’t be beat.

After checking out a few other courses on Branding, SEO, Digital Marketing, I found the University of California-Davis Strategy of Content Marketing course.

I was floored because this was the kind of material I needed to learn!

Data Driven Content Marketing

The five-week course had 11+ hours of course material, including podcast audios, readings, and lecture videos. The video lectures are led by Rainmaker Digital’s co-founder Sonia Simone as well as the founder of Copyblogger Media, Brian Clark, who grew his blog into a multi-million dollar content marketing business powerhouse (which includes Rainmaker Digital) over the course of a decade.

Unlike a lot of other courses, students get a deep, real world understanding on various aspects of the discipline including:

  • How you can use content marketing to drive sales
  • Using empathy & experience maps for content marketing research
  • What kind of content you need to generate attention versus action versus establish authority
  • Data driven content marketing optimization
  • Crafting attention-grabbing headlines that increase conversions (definitely a favorite) and so much more!

Take a look at Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone talk about her simple trick for “stealing” headlines that attract audience attention:

The level of detail contained in the course will help beginners and professionals alike understand how to strategically create compelling content for the right person at the right time.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

To get that kind of hands-on, practical, no-hype learning that can distinguish you as a quality professional, you’d have to shell out hundreds of dollars for one of those guru courses. Those carry no guarantee that you’d get such thorough understanding from someone who started off hearing nothing but crickets on his own blog.

Taking this course online, you can download the transcripts, podcast audios and videos for offline studying at your own pace. You’d be going to school from the comfort of your own home wearing whatever you want!

The cost to you?

$0 (in all currencies)*

To level up in your organization or become certified professional in your own right, you’d have to fully enroll. After your 7-day free trial, you’ll pay US$49/month to get all lecture and reading material PLUS:

  • Unlimited access to all tests & quizzes
  • Unlimited access to any course specializations, including special capstone projects
  • Certificate that you can post on LinkedIn & your CV once you’ve passed the course from Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Duke or other participating universities from around the world.

Think about your next meeting. The one where you usually sit there and look at the marketing plan. Where it’s the same discussion every meeting where people just nod, mumble while they sip their coffee and listen to the same old arguments about the copy.

But this time, it’s different. You’re different.

Everybody else may be boxed into the same thought process but you notice something about that staleness in the headline, the weak call-to-action or even the  clunky copy and make your arguments. The discussion gets livelier as the ideas get tossed around a bit more than usual.

All the time you studied, all the extra readings on practical tips and tricks are coming in handy. Your eyes are a little more open now.

Everybody notices, including your boss and when you finish acing that next module quiz, you’ll have a certificate you can show your boss, store in your HR file and share on LinkedIn.

There’s no going back now, is there?

Whether you enjoy the quiet satisfaction of knowing what you know as you make subtle moves or the pride of showing what you’ve learned to clients and colleagues as you work to help improve the conversions of future campaigns, you have the means to improve at the tip of your fingers.

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