Just A Thought: Content Isn’t Easy

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"Content: There is no easy button" - Scott Abel - SmarketryBlog Content MarketingI’m fortunate to be in writing mode most of the time for most of my life. Am I the greatest writer who doesn’t have to work that hard to produce content that compels? I. WISH. 😕

I often think I still have to work that much harder than many because the exact opposite is true. To
put words out there, to put COMPELLING words out there takes practice and practice and then…you practice some more. 😏
Now with video in the mix (and I’ve discovered I’m just a bit shy about videoing myself to boot 😛), you have more ways to express and compel, which can become harder because now consistency is a bigger part of the game. Content creation is essential and there’s no easy way around it. Not only do you have to produce it, you have to optimize, analyze, tweak, and repeat multiple times a week for multiple weeks of the year. So, to say there is no easy button…is putting it mildly.

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