SMART Content Marketing – 5 Elements to Keep in Mind

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5 Elements of SMART Content MarketingAs a perennial student of content marketing, I am always learning about how I can be more…compelling (I hope). It’s that writer thing that I can’t ignore no matter how much I try.

There are a variety of frameworks out there and the one I’m a great fan really takes a holistic view of content marketing. It’s not just SEO in one box, marketing in another and so on. It’s ALL related so it has to work together.

That’s the heart of why content marketing endures even as the landscape has changed and more businesses are trying to find their own path on the digital marketing road.

Many of you are familiar with the acronym S.M.A.R.T, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely. What I’m learning is that there is something called SMART Content Marketing


Strategize your message so that you are able to bring in your best audience. That means you start with research, which a lot of people ignore in favor of “just going for it.” With research, you know who you want to talk to, you understand what their concerns are and how you can help them be their own hero. This will help you to start generating the kind of attention that eventually brings conversions.

M-minimum viable audience

Speaking of audience, work to build your Minimum Viable Audience first. These are the people who will give you the kind of feedback that will guide you to help them. You can’t do much else until you get their attention and they talk to you. Once they see and understand your authority, then your path is becoming more refined.


Agility. Lock step is great when dancing but for content, it’s a death knell. Being able able to pivot and alter your approach when you get that feedback from your Minimum Viable Audience will keep you on building your business.


Refine and Repeat – The process of content marketing is iterativeĀ  where you keep what works, ditch what doesn’tĀ  and you do that by listening to the feedback you’re getting as well as paying attention to what’s going on at large. You do this over and over until you…


Turn Like into a Listen into a Follow into Trust and get the results your are looking for. Trust is that secret sauce that too many are still trying to bypass in an effort to get the sale because it takes a lot of work. Don’t pass it by.

Of course, this is the basic checklist. Check out the video below to learn what Sonia says about making your content truly irresistible :

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