The Heart of Your Content Strategy: Audience, Attention & Authority

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Who isn’t trying to get people’s attention? And that’s why it’s so hard. We live in an era where there are more distractions than ever. If it’s not getting sucked in by Facebook, it’s somehow realizing this is the third BuzzFeed quiz you’ve looked at in the last 10 minutes, when you should have been doing something else.
But as much as you hate to admit it, Facebook and those guys are experts at doing something you also need to do.

Getting Your Real Audience

7A Framework of Content Marketing: Audience - SmarketryBlog Strategic Content MarketingFirst off, let’s define what that means. The word “audience” doesn’t just mean prospects or leads. It’s anyone who’s interacted with your content and is interested in what you have to say.

Anyone can get a like; that’s an easy action that requires little commitment. It’s about the kind of engagement you can sometimes see and is giving you the momentum you’re going to need.

These people who like what you have to say may become customers or not but for the most part, these are the people who can give you a clue about which direction you should go.

That kind of feedback that comes without solicitation is worth its weight in gold because it shows that what you produced compelled them to take that action.

It’s the same with all of us: you just have to get past the crickets phase and build enough of an audience, that pays attention and tells you what they are interested in. If you’re agile enough, you’ll tweak your content and work with them. The understanding of the REAL audience is one of the missing steps that really ties everything together.

No, I Mean REALLY Getting Their Attention

Sure, cute interactive games do that but does the people you want If you’re not getting that from them, then what’s the point? Working to get the attention of your true audience includes dissecting your headlines, hooks, and your message with intention.

What’s the intention? To speak the language of your audience and step into the conversation in the most authentic and organic way possible. It’ll be like you were always there and that’s how your content will get the attention it needs.

So how do you get their attention? Here’s a snippet about baiting your hook

Who Gave You the Authority?

7A Framework of Content Marketing - Strategic Content Marketing“Wait, who are you, again?”

A phrase you don’t want to be the butt of.

You see it all over. The self-prescribed gurus and experts who have the answers. That’s not the kind of authority that this means. That description of authority doesn’t come from degrees, certification, stated expertise.

It comes from your audience trusting you enough. It all depends on if your audience feels you are worthy enough of sharing, commenting, interacting, engaging with your content.

If you think about it in terms of Google ranking and authority, the fact that you have other people sharing your content means more to them than your declaration. Anyone can call themselves an expert but if you’re not solving the problems of your audience, bringing meaning and insight to their journey, your title won’t hold water.

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