How to Know Which Social Media Hashtags to Use

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Whatever hashtags I’ve used so far have been through trial, error, research, and throwing spaghetti against the wall.

I have always wanted to know if there was some way to figure out which hashtags were good, bad or otherwise. I had heard about “shadowbanning” on Instagram but it’s not as if I had someone yelling at me, saying, “Don’t use that hashtag or it’ll happen to you.”

Well, all I have to say now is ‘Eureka! I’ve found the app for that!”

How The Hashtags I Use Work For My Posts

My ‘discovery’ happened as you might imagine. I was reading an article about someone who went from 300 to 7000 IG followers.

That caught my eye because I knew it wasn’t click bait.

The author had some great advice and the one point I landed on was about RiteTag. My jaw dropped like a Looney Tunes cartoon character.

After checking out the site to make sure it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination, I started having fun with it.

I took some text from an old Instagram post so I could see what hashtag suggestions I would get. Because I was doing this on a laptop, the suggestions I would get, would be for Twitter, since that’s the account I used to sign up.

I rolled the dice and checked out the results:

Choose which hashtags you want to check out -

As it turned out, some of the hashtags I used in my IG post, were good on Twitter as well. But I was still a bit lost about what the results meant.

RiteTag hashtag legend -


This legend clarified it. The results from my posts were “long life” hashtags, which meant that over time, they would attract people the people who followed those hashtags.

This is good news. I decided to dig a bit more and compare a few from the list I got.


Which Hashtags Were Worth Using?

RiteTag shows you how the hashtags behave on the social network over time -


Not every suggestion is a good one. While a lot of them got re/tweets and views, some of the ones I thought would get some action, like #webanalytics, didn’t. #Goals is a winner and #insights has some potential.

If anything, this comparison list confirmed that my testing and tweaking of hashtags isn’t in vain. A good number of the ones I use on IG are transferable to Twitter. And when I click ‘View Stats’ I could see the tweets that had the hashtag and maybe get some ideas of others I could use as well.

Not bad.

Which Social Networks Can Work?

From the laptop, I saw that the major ones apply here. Of course, Instagram is on the list but you have to download the app iOS/Android app and configure it there.

Scheduling accounts to link to -


Connect these accounts including Instagram -

The list of connected accounts you can have is pretty impressive. YouTube was one that caught my eye, even though I’m not one there (yet).

Another thing you can do here is enter the hashtags you’re currently using in the text box and see which of them come up as suggestions. I did that for a few posts and I will be modifying my hashtag list on tweets going forward.

So, after having fun with my posts, i thought I’d see what I could come up with for the #RealEstate hashtag post I did. Doing that for Instagram, I saw that the hashtag was not as straightforward. I was curious to see what Twitter had to say.

Here are the results:

It looks like #RealEstate is a hot hashtag (see the legend above) that will get posts seen immediately. Across the board, the hashtags seemed like good investments in the short- and long-term.

I was pretty surprised at how robust the hashtags were on Twitter, which made me think a more kindly about the platform.

This is definitely a great tool to have if you’re struggling to figure out your hashtag combinations. What’s extremely helpful is the warnings it gives you about certain hashtags being overused, underused or flat-out banned.

RiteTag is useful from the start and all I did was sign up. It’s such a great thing when you find something you need when you weren’t looking for it.

If you want to get your social media hashtag game strong going forward, check out RiteTag TODAY!

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