Instagram Hashtag Analytics Research #3: #RealEstate

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Continuing from my last stab at hashtag analysis, #TravelAgent, I decided to take a look at the real estate sector. I used #RealEstate because the sector itself is diverse. It’s not just about realtors but about complementary businesses such as architectural firms, construction and others.

Real estate is one of those evergreen sectors with intense competition. People will always need a place to live and you can’t walk too far without seeing or hearing the name of an agent who handled the house of the friend of a friend. It’s a sector where word of mouth weighs heavily but there are new ways to be more visible. So, how can professionals in the sector really use Instagram to help the to do just that?


#RealEstate on Instagram

This time, I was more exacting when it came to profiles. While I wasn’t able to “clean” the full list, I did comb through the top 10 lists and got rid of profiles that were hijacking the hashtag.

What I mean by ‘hijacking’ is this: finance and real estate are related. Because of that relationship, there are many who use #realestate not to refer to the industry but for motivating followers with pictures of mansions and luxury homes. More than a few of those were bitcoin/forex account manager posts were also heavily using the hashtag for this purpose. This means that my master list has 91 posts, not 100 and had I done a full clean, I would have had a much smaller list..

Let’s take a look at what we can see for posts dated between March 11-13, 2018

Taking a look at this graph:

Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - Hashtags v Likes Graph - SmarketryBlog

It looks like there is a significant cluster towards the lower end. The truth is the hashtag count was relatively even with 26% of posts have between 1 and 10 hashtags, 29% were between 11 and 20 while 36% were between 21 and 30 hashtags. That’s 91% with 30 or fewer hashtags.

So why does this scatter graph seem clustered as if there’s something special happening?

Because there is, but it’s on the right. There was a post with a total of 126 hashtags. It had one comment, which was probably to list a portion of the hashtags. Remember, Instagram allows about 30, you can probably get away with 40 if you know how to do it right. But 126 hashtags? I wasn’t surprised when I looked at the profile and saw that it was a forex trade account management profile.

That post, which got about 3 likes, no longer exists. If anything, its disappearance is a cautionary tale against quadrupling your hashtag allowance: Don’t!

Observations of Top Posts

Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - @hem_inspiration profile- SmarketryBlog Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - @hem_inspiration top post -

@hem_inspiration was one of the two top posts with the most likes and it’s obvious why.

Interior decoration and Instagram are a perfect combination. Sharing great ways to accent and enhance your home is an excellent way to attract attention and their wall does not disappoint. This post on the right was the one that came up as top liked in my report.

A solitary meshed swinging chair that looks warm and cozy, separated from the snow outside by a few panes of glass. This post had 83 likes when I pulled the report. It now has 10,600 and rising. Comments have ballooned from less than a handful to well over 50.




@firtha_residency_flip is had the second strongest post in the list and when you look at it, you understand why: Dog.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - @firtha_residency_flip profile - SmarketryBlog Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - @firtha_residency_flip top post - SmarketryBlog

Let’s face it, any post with a cute animal in it will get attention. Sure the oven is nice but…the dog is much cuter. Apart from that, their wall is an excellent example of storytelling.

They are documenting their journey in renovating and potentially flipping a home. How many people have you heard talk about buying a “fixer upper” fixing it themselves and flipping it for great money? Well they are actually doing it.

In general, people enjoy being taken along a journey. It captures the attention and opens up that curiosity gap of “What this house will look like when they’re done?” and “Will they be able to flip it for a good price? Stay tuned for the next installment!” (cue the outro)


Hashtag Cloud


Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - Wordcloud of top 10 likes - SmarketryBlog

Hashtags of top 10 likes posts

Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - Wordcloud of top 10 comments - SmarketryBlog

Hashtags used by top 10 comments


Top 10 comments posts had more emphasis on tags such #luxuryhomes & #milliondollarlisting. These were agents who were putting out their listings and getting good attention from fans and followers. There were some that put up homes that the #justsold, probably as a way of celebrating while seeding the minds of potential clients about their success in helping others.

Posts with top 10 likes had terms like #architecture and #interiordesign, as we saw with @hem_inspiration. #fixerupper was also in there as well as #family and other warm terms.


Final #RealEstate Thoughts

As I mentioned, #realestate is a tricky hashtag because it did pull some highly irrelevant posts. But from what I’ve seen, those who distinguish themselves in the real estate field are the ones who tell stories. With @firtha_residency_flip we saw them documenting their renovation journey that provided the opportunity of followers to live vicariously through the pictures of their dog giving approval for a new stove.

Then with hem…it was more about setting a scene around a theme. For that post, it was warmth and comfort against a backdrop of snow that some people were getting tired of seeing and experiencing. The let a well captured picture conjure feelings helping viewers to put themselves in the picture.

Storytelling when it comes to real estate sector is crucial because the term no longer means what it once did. If you’re a professional, you need to find ways to redefine it by staging your Instagram posts just as you stage the homes you’re selling.

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