My Instagram Hashtag Analytics Experiment Takes A New Direction

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My hashtag analytics experimentation has been enlightening. I’ve learned more about the Instagram landscape and just how underutilized it is across a variety of sectors. I don’t pretend to know all about it but I’m always learning about how much I don’t know.

As a result of this, I’ve come up with a newer, more concise direction and it’s thanks to an article I read a few weeks ago.

How is This Hashtag Analysis Headed In a New Direction?

Trying to figure out which hashtags to use is a slog. I tried this and that and for me, I was lucky. But I figured there HAD to be a better way. Happily enough, I found it and I gush about how to find the right hashtags in this post

However, there’s a caveat (surprise, surprise): I’m talking about Instagram hashtags being ‘retweeted,’ which is a function of Twitter. There aren’t any Instagram stats on the site (there may be in the Android/iOS app). Instagram tends to be restrictive when it comes to certain types of access. That lack of information may be a function of this.

But all is not lost!

I tested this app with Facebook and found that most of the hashtags I could use on Facebook were applicable on Twitter. It made sense since Twitter is a platform that supports many others and is seen as the default sharing platform.

While I’m not 100% sure, I’m over 90% sure that the hashtags shown here could apply to Instagram as well with good results.

I’m going to take a look at my previous data and the other industries I researched in a way that’s more useful and practical for readers (I hope).

Hashtag: #TravelAgent

I consider this my first full hashtag analytics post on this subject. A tag cloud showed some more interesting trends than my graphs of likes/comments vs hashtags.

Hashtag cloud of posts with top 10 comments - @TwitticusMktg -

Travelgram and wanderlust play to people’s desire to travel and that’s why there are a lot of those travel photography curation accounts. Click for full image

Hashtag cloud of posts with top 10 comments - @TwitticusMktg -

Travelblogger definitely has strong prominence in these top 10 comment posts. Click for full pic










But they didn’t answer the questions I had about which hashtags worked, which didn’t, etc. Let me now add that information. We can get a better picture of what hashtags are/arent’ better and if any of these are useless!

Taking the hashtags of the top 2 posts, I found a couple of ‘hot’ hashtags  meaning they were tweeted, retweeted and viewed at strong numbers every hour.

Here is the result for a sample of the travel agent hashtags:

The RiteTag legend indicates that the green words with the lightning icon are great hashtags to use for immediate visibility. HOT NOW. The blue with the hourglass means LONG LIFE tags that’ll help with discoverability over time. The numbers here may change over time. What’s hot now probably won’t be in a month, but at least you can have an idea of how your hashtag combination will benefit you overall.

Here’s how the columns breakdown:

The first column, with the bird, is the number of unique tweets per hour.  The second is the number of retweets per hour. The third is the number for hourly hashtag exposure, which is akin to the number of impressions that hashtag receives per hour. The fourth column is the percentage of tweets with a picture attached. Next is the percentage with site links attached. Finally, the percentage of tweets with mentions. All of this is within an hour.

Looking at the numbers, you’re going for shares/retweets, views, and unique tweets. You’ll see which are beneficial and which you should just skip as being useless.

I went a little deeper on this in a longer post you can check out here. 

Hashtag: #RealEstate

Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - Wordcloud of top 10 comments - SmarketryBlog

My hashtag cloud for top 10 comments

Instagram Hashtag Analytics #RealEstate - Wordcloud of top 10 likes - SmarketryBlog

Top 10 likes










In my #realestate hashtag analysis post, I took a different look and saw stronger similarities between hashtags for top 10 likes and comments.

When I checked the hashtags to use in the app, I saw a lot of hot terms. This is great, but as I mentioned in the post, the term was used regularly by bitcoin and forex trading accounts as a motivation tactic.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to check out the associated posts/tweets for a specific term. You can do this by clicking on the graph button on the other side of the term you want to examine.


One More Hashtag To Check Out: #Ecommerce

I wanted to check out one more sector, E-commerce. It’s broad but I was curious to see how selling did on Instagram since a few of my followers had products they showcased regularly.

It turns out this hashtag is more about entrepreneurship and providing small businesses with certain marketing services than about selling from a store. I saw business building, lead generation, business development as direct selling.

ecommerce hashtag cloud - top 10 likes -

Top 10 Likes where the focus was more an building and managing businesses. In fact, an ebusiness company took up 6 of the top 10 likes

Ecommerce Hashtag Top 10 Comments -

Top 10 comments seems to be more about the services small businesses may need


Ecommerce seems to be a hot topic here on social media and what’s interesting is that the #indian tag is hot. This is not surprising since Walmart is in the Indian market through its purchase of Flipkart. Experts are saying that the ecommerce market in the India is four times that of retail. I’ll stay tuned for sure!

Final Thoughts

As I tripped through this hashtag analysis experiment, I realize that there’s still much to learn about hashtags and social media. Now that RiteTag  is on the team, I’m sure I’m heading in the right direction as I work to understand more about how to capture the important hashtags, how they work and so much more.

Thanks for taking this crazy journey with me.

For more indepth look at how I used stats to research hashtags, Read my post on finding the right hashtag for content promotion

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