AdWords: Using Competitive Metrics to Gauge Progress

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One of the ways you want to use AdWords is to gauge how you stack up against other advertisers. Competitive Metrics columns in AdWords aren’t about outdoing the competition as much as it’s about improving yourself so that the system chooses your ads more often. That means, and I know I sound like a broken record, making sure your keywords, ads and landing pages are synced and relevant to user search queries. Continue reading

Spotlight on Image Ads: What You Actually Need to Consider

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Spotlight on Image Ads: What You Actually Need to Consider - AdWords For Authors

My first thought when I started using AdWords was that I definitely wanted to get on the Display Network. Like many authors I had teaser stock photos and had discovered PicMonkey so I was graphically prepared to increase my visibility on partner sites. When you’re starting out, Search with Display Select is the natural choice. But if you really want to have a truly powerful AdWords search engine marketing campaign, you’ll need to make a serious move to running a Display Only campaign Continue reading

Quick & Easy Way to Create Simple Ad Headline, Cheat!

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Placeholder ImageWhen you’re a writer, sometimes it’s like  a hot knife through butter or even that perfect cup of coffee. The words just flow so smoothly. Other times it’s like trying to break a diamond with your teeth. You wind up in pain, gumming your food wondering if it was all worth it. Sometimes, the words just aren’t there. When you’ve got an ad to write, what the hell do you do?

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